5 Tips for Renting Cheap Holiday Villas

There are a couple of things you need to think about when booking a place to stay during your holiday. Cheap holiday villas are an excellent accommodation option because you enjoy luxury, privacy and serenity at a fraction of the cost. However, you must plan properly so that you don’t meet problems and surprises when you arrive. Follow the tips below to get that confidence and peace of mind when booking luxury villas for rent.

1. Book early

Booking the holiday rental well in advance will help you save money especially when traveling during the

holiday homes in Italy

holiday homes in Italy

peak season. Most holiday homes in Italy are fully booked from late May to the end of July/August so it’s always best to book early. As you decide on where to stay, make sure you also book your flight so that you don’t end up missing a ticket after having booked your holiday home.

2. Book through a reputable company

There are many companies that offer holiday villas for rent, but you must be extra cautious on the company you choose to do the booking with. A reputable company will not only help you find a vacation home that is suitable for your needs and budget but also assist you to with the entire holiday planning process. There are even companies that offer to help you find the most suitable flight for your travel. The help of a trusted company will be invaluable when planning your trip.

3. Get all the information regarding the holiday home before booking

villa for rent

villa for rent

Before you transfer any funds, make sure you’ve obtained all the necessary information regarding the vacation rental homes. The rental company should present you with a contract that outlines all that is required of you. You need to know these conditions before making any agreements. Ask questions regarding the services offered and don’t forget to check with the owner and a third party to confirm the villa for rent truly exists.

  1. 4. Watch out for some red flags

Fraud is common in this industry so you need to be extra careful and make sure you perform some background

vacation rental homes

vacation rental homes

checks before making any bookings. If the price is unrealistically low, be very careful before wiring any money. A common red flag is when the rental company insists on telling you to pay the deposit before they disclose all the information about the home. If you are working with private owners then be extra careful before making any payments. If booking through a rental company, make sure they have an office at the destination you’ll be traveling to so that you can get help when needed.

5. Know what you are paying for

Just because holiday villas for rent usually provide cleaning and garden maintenance services doesn’t mean the one you are paying for will do the same. You need to be well informed about what services are included in the rent and what you’ll have to pay for. Everything that you are told regarding the villa should be included in the contract.

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10 Tips for Booking Vacation Rental Homes

You’re finally traveling to your dream destination. You want to experience living like the locals and what better way to do this than staying at a vacation rental homes ? The concept of vacation rentals started in Europe, but now you’ll find this form of accommodation anywhere in the world. From big cities to islands and remote beaches, vacation rentals have been constructed to give guests the ultimate local experience.

But keep the following tips in mind before booking a vacation rental home.

  1. One of the most compelling reasons why people choose vacation rentals is that they are cheaper than hotel rooms. That’s why you
    vacation rental homes

    vacation rental homes

    need to compare the cost of the rental home to a hotel room before making a decision. The prices should differ even if both are of the same quality and located in the same area.

  2. Make sure you request for references and check with them before booking the vacation rental home. Also find out if they have repeat visitors (those who have traveled to the area and used the rental homes more than once).
  3. Don’t be so excited to find that perfect vacation rental home that you forget to read the whole contract. The contract will contain information you can easily overlook like the payment schedule and your liability in the event of damage so make sure you go through it and understand.
  4. In case you are unclear about what is stipulated in the contract, have a competent attorney go through the document and review it on your behalf. This may mean you’ll spend a few hundred dollars for the service, but it may protect you from expensive mistakes and give you the peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.
  5. You can always negotiate the cost of a vacation rental home. If you are traveling during an off peak season, you’ll probably find many properties that haven’t been booked. Take this opportunity to negotiate on the deposit, monthly or weekly rent among other charges.
  6. Before making a deposit, make sure you confirm how it will be refunded by the property owner. Know the conditions that you must meet in order to get the deposit back.
  7. Make sure you find out how the vacation rental home organizes for housekeeping and other cleaning services which usually come at an extra cost. Ask for the housekeeping schedule and costs so that you can prepare beforehand.
  8. If there are some damages in the home, take note of them from day one. You can take photographs or video tape the areas so that you don’t get in trouble for them later on.
  9. Get contacts of the property owner and the people in charge of maintenance and repairs so that you don’t get stuck when a problem like a burst pipe occurs.
  10. Most importantly, go through the whole contract with the owner and ask any pressing questions you might have. Get more information about the security, supplies you’ll need to buy among other concerns.

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